We put immense energy into developing our technology, yet we empower the enjoyment of life just as much.

It’s all about a healthy balance. There’s no question we’re one of the hardest working groups of people in the industry – we love taking on every challenge. However, the positive energy at Inphi exists due to our overall mindset: work shouldn’t come at the complete expense of fun or comfort.

"There’s a high energy amongst the people here. A full house of people with good buzz and activity. Plus, programs like Fitbit are fun and people get into organizing them."

System & Signal Processing Engineer


We’re rooted by a culture of camaraderie.

Simply put, you should love coming to work. Our atmosphere is one where ideas can be exchanged openly, where colleagues can take time to just enjoy each other’s company, and where there’s a strong sense of family.


Every day presents some great challenges, and during work hours there are always great times to be had as well.


We never accept the status quo. We live by the notion that there are always novel ways to approach things, and new ideas to be formulated.


Here, we share thoughts, insist on dialogue, and promote the mindset that we’re all in this together.

We hear each other loud and clear.

At Inphi, we’ve found that that an environment of collaboration elevates individual productivity. You never know who’ll offer up the next flash of genius, so open communication rules.

"Contributing to projects with complexity and speed takes a collaborative effort with people in each department. Working at Inphi is both challenging and collaborative."

Principal Engineer